Zoom vs Teams – which is better?

Zoom and Microsoft Teams both apps work fantastically at their bests to deliver the finest of communication among people. Both apps have recently developed a lot with an impressive number of features and fans.

zoom vs teams
Zoom vs Teams

What is zoom?

Zoom is now considered a king of the communication industry. It is a platform which combines various communications through its cloud platform for audio and video conferencing, collaborations, chats and webinars across all endpoints. 

Zoom is completely a new organization in the era of technology. Zoom offers an aggressive and competent road map that is customer friendly. 

What is Microsoft Teams?

It is Microsoft's all encompassing workstream collaboration plus a unified communications platform combining meetings, calls, files and other media with the office 365 application stack to bring everyone together in a shared workspace. 

  • The difference between the two operating systems is the integration of Microsoft teams between the teams and office 365 stack. 
  • Microsoft Teams is truly a one stop shop for many organizations. 
  • Teams provide a seamless collaboration, backups and file search
  • Microsoft Teams is technically equipped with better tools.

Zoom vs Microsoft Teams:

Generally speaking, zoom and Microsoft Teams share many common features that work for fast and effective two-way communication. There are some distinguishing features that decide Zoom superiority over Microsoft Teams. These features are: 

User interface:

This is the feature that makes zoom superior to Teams. Zoom provides a simple and user-friendly interface that requires little to no Information Technology skills to run it. 

Whereas the user interface of Microsoft teams is relatively hard. It requires the skills or training of a person to operate it, incorporate file and media sharing and interact using different channels and Teams.

Room systems:

Zoom has offered massive interactive room systems. It allows the benefit of people counting whereas Teams allow proximity detection.  Another striking benefit of Zoom is that it certifies both hardware providers and Integrators while Microsoft Teams only certifies hardware solutions. 


Both of these systems offer a free trial and a paid course that enables more advanced features. The free version of Microsoft Teams allows only a limited number of chats, collaborations, services, call timings and security. Zoom's free version is better than Teams in many aspects.

Zoom free version allows meetings having up to 100 participants, unlimited meetings, online support, video and web conferencing over vast ranges. The standard and Pro plans of zoom are cheaper than Microsoft Teams. 

UC Telephony:

UC Telephony is better featured by Microsoft Teams. UC telephony is defined as the ability to make calls at an enterprise grade level for business communications and video meetings. 


Zoom has made integrations its core element of functioning meetings. Such integrations are meant to enhance and widen the productivity of the system. Because of this productivity, the Zoom app is frequently used these days. The integration system of zoom is also added to other platforms. An interactive example of this is the combined working of Zoom and Slack. 

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