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If you really want to know how to increase laptop battery life then take note of the following tricks that you have to try now to make your laptop battery last longer.

A laptop is usually one of the technological tools that we use the most on a day-to-day basis since we can take them anywhere and use them without worry, but we do not always find a place to charge the battery and you want to prolong it as much as possible.

And doing it is possible, either in the long term or in the short term, because the battery of laptop computers is damaged by bad habits that we do and we ignore the consequences that it can cause in the future, affecting its durability and the useful life of the battery, for so putting the following tips into practice will be your best ally if you want your battery to last for hours and hours. 

How to increase laptop battery life
How to increase laptop battery life

5 Useful Tips To Extend Your Laptop Battery Life:

Keep your laptop at room temperature 

Exposing your equipment to extreme temperatures damages lithium-ion batteries, so your laptop may be paying the consequences of being in a place that is too cold and hot, so keeping it in a room temperature place will be an option that will prolong its lifespan. 

Avoid discharge cycles

Do not let the battery reach 20% and much less than 10%, since letting your laptop battery discharge so much is harmful to it, since deep discharges reduce its maximum capacity, causing the battery to be damaged and last less each time. 

Try to charge the battery of your laptop when it has reached approximately 35% because in this way you will never run out of battery while taking care of its state. 

Limit screen brightness 

If your laptop is your source of work and you use it very frequently, making the battery last longer is essential, so avoiding doing things that shorten it will be very helpful, for example, preventing the screen of your computer from having too much brightness can extend the hours of battery life, so if you find yourself using your laptop in a place with good light, lowering the brightness of your screen will help increase the life of your computer's battery. 

Activate the “battery saver” option automatically

As we mentioned before, letting your laptop discharge too much is detrimental to battery life and if you want to avoid that, turning on the “power saver” automatically when the battery drops to 20% will make sure you never forget to plug in the charger. 

Go to the settings in the “ battery ” section and activate the automatic “energy saving” option and choose the percentage you prefer, activating the option to lower the screen brightness during energy saving will be very useful as well. 

Close apps you don't use

We regularly have the taskbar full and we are not always occupying the windows that we have open, without knowing that they absorb a percentage of our battery.

If you want to know which are the apps that kill your battery, go to the settings and select the taskbar, it will let you see which windows are the ones that take up the most battery and close them as soon as possible, in this way the battery will last longer. 

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