10 Best video player for windows 10 - Free Download

There are several popular open source video players for desktop computers or portable devices. The tools are open source but can be used on Windows, Linux, or Mac operating systems. Most of these video players are used on windows 10. So, let's see which is the best video player for windows 10.

best video player for windows 10
Best video player for windows 10


Miro is the super one player for tablets and Android devices. When the player hit the market in 2006, it was called Democracy Player or DTV. Available in around 40 languages, this player can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. With the integration of the world famous e-commerce Amazon, this player makes it easy to listen and save audio or video. Another great advantage is the variety of media file formats available. Through this player, files can be converted to various formats including MP4 or H264. The player can be found here.



Banshee is a very popular video player for listening to internet radio or podcasts. This easy-to-use player supports almost all formats of media files. Besides, this player consumes very less battery in case of use of portable devices. Launched in 2005, this player can be used on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems like other open source players. The player can be found here.


Audacious player is suitable for all types of playback without putting extra pressure on the computer's CPU. Media files of any format can be easily dragged and dropped into this player, along with artist name and album information. In addition, once you create a library of favorite songs in this player, you have the opportunity to listen or watch music later with the help of the Internet. There are different types of themes and the simplest is the classic skin theme. Launched in 2005, the player supports various formats including MP3, AAC, FLAC, and WMS. The player can be found here.


Another player that is completely free to use for the sake of the community is Kodi. You can watch videos in various formats including your favorite features, playlists, videos, etc. in Kodi Player. Also, this player has various add-ons that can be used on different platforms. Not only listening to music or watching videos, this player can also easily share photos from one device to another. The player can be found at this address.


Apprentice is a player that starts with a very powerful set of features, keeping in mind a wide variety of users. Audio and video rendering facilities are also available with the player especially with FFMPEEG supported. Has input-output looping facility. Its alpha channel preview facility will be liked by many and there is an easy bookmarking facility. Apart from the drag and drop facility, this player also has a separate editor for manual cropping. To say that Apprentice is a type of tool where various types of work can be done. This player can be found here.


The player is designed with mouse based movements in mind. This player offers features ranging from video content streaming to interpolation control, frame timings, color management, and quality algorithms. MPV is designed keeping in mind the ease of integration with any platform. Made in 2013, this player is only 2.9 megabytes in size and can be found here.


Video LAN Client, abbreviated as VLC can be used on computers as well as Android, iOS powered smartphones. VLC is also available on Google's Play Store, Apple's App Store, and the Microsoft Store on Windows digital distribution platforms. VLC supports all types of media files, starting with streams. Also supports MP3, WMV, WebM, H.264, and MPEG and does not require installing separate codecs. No ads, no spyware. It is free to use for everyone. VLC can be downloaded from here.


A resolvable player or software helps cross platform users a lot. This is very important when listening to music or watching videos. One such useful tool is FFMPEG. All types of audio and video formats are supported within a few seconds, this player consumes less CPU on computer as well as battery on other devices. This is a great player for watching all types of videos including HD videos. The development of this player involved a large group of students community who regularly work on the development of the player. The player can be found here.

SM Player

SM Player is a popular open source player suitable for all operating systems. All media file formats will work in this player. It also includes new codec packs and additional plugins. Also, the player can easily remember any app settings the user prefers. The player can easily play YouTube videos and automatically download subtitles. There are different themes that change daily according to user preferences. This player also has the best video equalizer which adds new features to the player. The player can be found here.


Xine is a free-to-use video player for use on VCDs, DVDs, and CDs. It supports almost all formats including MP3, WMV, MOV, and AVI. There are various types of plugins. As fast streaming can be done in the player, it is possible to get great service from this player by using various types of plugins. Xine can be downloaded from here.


I think now you already get the best video player for windows 10. If you think so, then you can share this open source video player list to help anyone like you.
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