How much does Mashable make? $3.33 million per month

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Pete's income from Google AdSense

Pete Cashmore earns $3.33 million per month from Google Adsense alone. This verse comes from his blog Mashable. The total revenue, including Mashable's banner cell, Widget space cell, and affiliate cell, maybe double or more. For the time being, we will not go into other sources of income, we will only talk about the income from Google AdSense.

Pete was diagnosed with appendicitis at the age of 11. He underwent surgery at the age of 13. Although the operation was successful, he could not fully recover and did not return to normal life. As a result, his formal reading and writing stopped. He has to spend the whole day at home, the only computer bought by his father.

One day while browsing the net, he learned about writing articles, blogging, blogging, and income. He started waking up at night and studying from different blogs. After reading articles and blogging all night, he would go to bed at 8 in the morning, wake up at 1 in the afternoon, and just go around blogging until 8 in the morning the next day. "I worked 18 hours a day until I was successful," Pete said in an interview with the world's most influential business magazine Incorporation.

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He became a subscriber of at least 1000 blogs in a few days. He acquired the skills of SEO Friendly Article Writing, Effective Blogging, Article Promoting, and Social Media Marketing from all these blogs.

However, after reading and listening like this for a month, one day Pete asked his father for $500 to set up a website. Dad said, what will you do with the website? Pete explained to the father. My mother also cooperated a lot, she said, don't give up, write or whatever, she will spend her time at least nicely. The boy stays at home all day alone! The father agreed and gave about $500 to Pete.

Behind the scenes story of Pete's income from Google Adsense

Pete bought a domain called for $12. Bought a standard hosting for $150. And with the rest of the money, he designed and developed the website with a friend of a friend. In July 2005, Pete Cashmore started a small blog, Mashable in a corner of Aberdeen, Scotland.

In the first month, Pete wrote about 20 articles on digital media topics. Applied for Google AdSense and got approval. He wrote 25 more in the following month. In 2 months 45 articles were made. But there are no visitors to the site! Today 5 people, tomorrow 6 people, this is going on. So, Pete thought, if visitors do not come to the site, then who will read the articles and how will the income be! Great thought!

One of the two / one bloggers I met in the middle of this, I learned from one of them, in order to get visitors, articles have to get rank in big search engines including Google, Bing, Yandex and if you want to get rank, you have to do a lot of SEO. So he started working on search engine optimization or SEO, increased his workload a few more times, reduced the amount of sleep.

And the success that all these sacrifices have given him is beyond imagination. At the end of just 18 months, Mashable's monthly visitors came to 1 million. Then it just kept growing. Currently, Pete's Mashable alone has 45 million visitors. Page rank - 8 out of 10, and Alexa rank 7. And Mashable's monthly income from Google AdSense alone is about $3.33 million dollars. Apart from this, there is ad space cell, banner cell, or affiliate income. Their income may be more than Google AdSense income. Because there are many more sites that do not use Google ads but earn more or a little less than Mashable.

Not just money, Mashable has brought Pete honor, fame, influence, and much more. In 2009, he received the "Thirty Under Thirty" award from the corporation. In the same year, he won Forbes' "Top Twenty Five Web Celebrity" award and the Huffington Post's "Top Ten Game Changer 2009" award.

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Closing notes:

Pete's little blog, which started in the corner of the house, has now grown into a huge organization. The journey of thousands of miles begins with a small step. Who knows, maybe the door to far-reaching success is waiting for you to take a small step. So, let's get started. Get started with anything. Maybe it's just article writing, maybe blogging, maybe affiliate marketing, maybe YouTube video monetization.

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