Zoom has earned 30 million dollars in 3 months

Zoom has earned 30 million dollars in 3 months

The most advanced zoom in the market in terms of popularity in video conferencing. The use of the firm's software has increased 30 times since April this year after the coronavirus epidemic took shape. News from the BBC.

This software is being used for all kinds of official work starting from the education sector to keep the pace of life and economy while maintaining social distance.

On average, more than 300 million people use this software every day to perform their work. Customers even use this calculation 3 times more in different cases.

They are targeting 1.8 billion in revenue this year. Half of which was raised by Zoom in March this year.

"This is the right time to invest in the tech sector," said Eric Yuan, the firm's chief executive for investing in Zoom.

Zoom: The story of the beginning

Juan didn't expect so much when he created the zoom software. He did not even create the software to make it open to everyone.

The Chinese-born software engineer started his tech company in 2011. A zoom of a leading video conferencing software company in the United States, which has maintained its position in the Webex rankings over the years.

Last year, the firm raised its stake in the stock market for the first time and sold it for 15.9 billion. Which is increased to 58 billion US dollar last month.

To gain popularity after the start of the global lockdown, many countries, including China and the United Kingdom, have lifted the time limit for testing from the zoom-free trial version.

From the beginning of this year to April 30, sales of Zoom's software services increased by 169 percent to 3.28 million dollars. More than 180 thousand new customers have been added with Zoom. Zoom's quarterly earnings are about 30 million.

As popularity grows, so does the scope of investment for new customers. And the free version has to be read in Tanpore for the users.

Another key factor in Zoom's popularity is its end-to-end encryption privacy features. Where other social media is constantly filled with information sales, hacking, and security flu.

At first, Zum had to accept political embarrassment. The Chinese government has warned Zoom that the use of Zoom could lead to leaks.

Xuan, a U.S. citizen of Chinese descent, repaired the software and re-launched it.

He claims that the word zoom has become so popular that people will think of zooming, even for a moment, when it comes to video conferencing.

However, in this Corona epidemic, it is difficult for Zoom to stay ahead of the business with Microsoft and Cisco. Why not use zoom without video conferencing facility.
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