What are the risks of unplugging a computer while it's still running?

What are the risks of unplugging a computer while it's still running?
Risks of unplugging a computer while it's still running

This is one of the questions that kept popping up in my head as a child - well, everything is switched off or plugged off directly by the fan / TV/lights/cooker, etc., but why is there so much trouble with computers? Think about it, first, you have to click on the start menu (there may be different rules as the operating system), then the shutdown option will come, then when you click there, a loading animation will come and go without stopping.

Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the computer to turn off. So just taking so many paragraphs, and unplugging from the socket is not the end of the work? I mean, what is there to worry about? - In today's article, I will discuss, what can happen when you pull the plug directly to turn off the computer!

Pulling the power plug and turning off the computer is okay?

Today I am admitting that when I was young, I turned off my uncle's computer, sir's computer, and many such computers just because of power. Tell me who will be sitting by clicking the shutdown button! But it should not be done at all, it should not have been done then and it should not be done now.

Even after you close all the programs on the computer, the operating system continues to process various data in the background. Moreover, many programs also work in the background. And if you suddenly pull the plug and turn off the computer, the data can be corrupted. You close all the programs and sit on the desktop, then you will see the hard disk activity light of your computer is tipping. There are still some read-right processes going on in your system!

If you pull the plug without closing the work program or saving the work file, then the work files will be blown away for good. I mean, let's say you made an office presentation for 5 hours. Then without saving the file, he grabbed the computer power plug and pulled it! Diameter, it's done - the next day I have to go to the office with a sack on my back.

Many modern programs currently keep your work auto-saved, but believe me they haven't been perfect at all yet. I remember when I was making a YouTube video, the electricity went out once in the middle of the project. The file was not saved, I recovered the auto-saved file, it was 2 hours ago.

Modern computers now use many caching techniques to run smoothly. Cash can be corrupted if power is suddenly pulled. Moreover, hard disk physical damage can be damaged.

The NTFS file system is currently used in modern Windows operating systems. And it's a journal file system, that is, a log of how a file is being modified. There is no guarantee that you will be 100% safe even if you can avoid data corruption.

So keep in mind that when the computer suddenly shuts down and the next time you turn it on, sometimes the disk check process starts. So, you can understand why the computer can't be turned off by pulling the plug. If you don't want to corrupt the data, if you don't want to damage the hard disk, you can't turn off the computer by pulling the plug.

What happens after clicking shutdown?

What happens to your computer when you click on an operating system shutdown button or option? First of all, your computer's operating system says to all the software, "Dad, it's too much, now let's go, it's time to go to sleep ...!"

All the software on your computer started to stop working and save the work as soon as possible. If a program is open you are immediately asked to save the file. The computer starts terminating the background processes of the operating system, stops modifying the registry. Then the machine goes off.

So you see, if you turn off the computer by clicking the button on the operating system, the computer automatically tries to save all your data, then it shuts down.

Many times after clicking the shutdown option Windows Update starts installing and prompts to prevent the computer force from shutting down. Pulling the plug and turning off the computer at such a time can cause some data loss. But when you take the update and turn it off, there may be a chance that your entire operating system will be damaged. This means you may not be able to boot the machine anymore.

So while installing the update, the plug cannot be pulled directly. If you have a desktop computer, it is better to have a UPS and in the case of laptops, it is better to keep the battery fully charged, this will prevent the operating system from being corrupted.

So now you know, how horrible it can be to turn off the computer directly from the plug? It's a lot like turning off the stove without posing for eggs. Eggs will not pose and you can not eat!

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