The cloud is not just storage but it uses for multipurpose

cloud is not just a storage
Cloud is not just a storage

What is the cloud?

The term cloud comes from the concept of clouds. Just as clouds move from one place to another but are always found in the sky, so does the cloud. The cloud is not just storage but it uses for multipurpose.

Although data storage was the main use, in the beginning, it is not just storage in the cloud. Data processing is also happening here. So it would be a little more accurate to say - ‘cloud computing’. Simply put, everything that is being done on a computer can be done in the cloud. For example, when you buy a computer or server, you think of the CPU, processor, motherboard, RAM, hard drive, and network. The same is true of cloud computing. But you will not need to buy any of these in a public or hybrid cloud. Instead, it can be returned to the cloud using this computing system at a nominal cost as per the demand.

What is the public cloud and hybrid cloud? What are the benefits of which?

The public cloud is open to everyone. Anyone can use public cloud services for an organization or personal needs. In this case, the cloud resources will be under the third-party cloud service provider.

Ownership and management of all hardware, software, and other infrastructure in the public cloud will also be under the cloud service provider. Public cloud is cost-effective and user maintenance is not a hassle. Computing infrastructure (IAAS), Platform (PAAS), or Direct Software (SAAS) can be used in the public cloud. In the case of hybrid clouds, cloud resources will only be used by a specific organization. Services and other infrastructure facilities in the hybrid cloud will be maintained on a private network and only those organizations will use the cloud hardware and software.

Organizations or organizations using the hybrid cloud will be able to customize the cloud resources according to their needs. If the scope of service of the organization is much more, they can use a hybrid cloud. In that case, the companies will create a hybrid cloud and keep some servers in the country and it can be connected with one or more public cloud providers.

For example, Huawei has been making this cloud service in Bangladesh since 2019. However, since 2011, almost all of the telecom operators in Bangladesh have been using Huawei's cloud technology, and later several notable public-private organizations are also using the cloud services. By using cloud technology, any organization can increase its efficiency and at the same time reduce the time to market (TTM) and the cost will be reduced to a great extent.

How can the benefits of the public cloud be used?

Enjoying cloud services in daily life. From vehicle tracking to ride-sharing and delivery services in many cases. In most cases, the customer's request from the phone or computer to get these services is being processed in one or the other cloud. In this case, the service is available as a consumer, and the organization that is providing the service is also able to provide this ‘on-demand’ service through cloud technology. An example of the use of cloud services these days is the government's coronavirus website and app. This app or website has information in the data center of a cloud provider in Dhaka. So, its users can enjoy its services wherever they are in the country or abroad. Through the use of this technology, radical change is possible in the startup or SME ecosystem of Bangladesh. This will benefit both the organization and the consumer. In the case of an organization, on the one hand, such costs will be reduced and management efficiency will be increased and on the other hand, the quality of service will be improved at the customer or consumer level.

What is the context of the use of cloud technology in Bangladesh?

In fact, the possibilities are endless. An example can be said - suppose you are an entrepreneur yourself. You need to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Physical infrastructure, electricity bills, maintenance costs, software, antivirus. But after a few months of buying these devices are getting old.

In many cases, the device has to be upgraded again to survive in the competitive market and bring new service flashes. Cloud services will make this process much easier. As a result, the cloud will be very helpful for private or small capital startups or all small and large organizations across the country. The healthcare sector, education sector, e-commerce services, business management systems (ERP, CRM, etc.) can take themselves to the next level through the use of cloud technology. In this case, the total cost of ownership (TCO) will be greatly reduced, increasing the ability to adapt to their business activities over time. After all, technology-savvy young people who are a huge source of energy for the country will have the opportunity to do more for the country through the benefits of freelancing and cloud technology.

How is data security secured in the cloud?

Organizations or individuals in the cloud will create their own servers. By going to Huawei Cloud web portal, RAM, processor, hard drive, network can be arranged as per one's need. Their security can be provided with protocols or algorithms. As a result, the whole thing is under the control of the user. Each interface allows the user to configure the security service as needed. And as a result of doing everything by itself, the whole system is safe. Since many organizations are working together in the cloud, the benefits of state-of-the-art firewalls of high quality can be ensured.

How can the cloud play a role in COVID 19?

Improved education and medical care are always needed, but their role during this epidemic is undeniable. Huawei has already provided cloud and artificial intelligence solutions for the Covid-19 test in several countries in Asia and Africa. It is playing a significant role in the work and safety of those involved in the healthcare of countries. In the same way, cloud technology can play an effective role in the development of the medical sector through the integration of technology in a holistic way.

Besides, it is possible to integrate modern technology into the education system in an innovative way through cloud computing. With the proliferation of Covid-19, the need for e-learning has come to the fore. But now we have to think that using sophisticated technology together in all educational institutions is very expensive and a matter of a long time. But a simple and effective solution is possible through cloud technology. An integrated learning environment can be created through the cloud.

Cloud services can also be used in the development of the industrial sector, especially in the garment sector. The automation process will be much more accessible through the cloud. This will play a helpful role in taking the sector forward in the current crisis.

What is the specialty of Huawei in the cloud?

Huawei is providing cloud services to customers with the last 30 years of enterprise experience. Huawei is building a complete system of physical infrastructure, chipsets, servers, middleware, software, and applications for Huawei's cloud data center. No other cloud has such end-to-end capabilities. Instead, many of them are dedicated users of Huawei's advanced servers, high-end routers, or AI clusters.

Huawei is a pure research organization and its business success is not dependent on the customer's personal information. Another big advantage of Huawei is the 'Economy of Scale'. Huawei is making its own chipsets and technologies in various fields and they are being widely used in various fields as well as constantly improving, which has enabled the company to provide this service at a very affordable price. Huawei is providing cloud services in about 140 countries in the world.
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