5 tips for inattentive bloggers

tips for inattentive bloggers
5 Tips for inattentive bloggers

In words, it is easy to say that it is not easy. Writing a good article is not as easy as it sounds and easy to read. It is only possible if you can write with pleasure. Because if you can't find happiness in writing, you have to understand that inattention has been created. Then writing becomes more difficult.

Many things can distract you when writing online, such as Facebook notifications, e-mails, etc. You may be using different strategies to solve the problem.

Add some tips in this article considering the technical aspects. These will help you. But yes, let me tell you, the main thing to keep in mind while writing is to do the work with pleasure and love the writing very much.

Write a blog on your own WordPress site. Use WordPress distraction-free writing mode regularly. Because you have to pay much more attention to writing. But when you are writing in WordPress, the sidebar writing/options can distract you.

WordPress has little space for writing, the rest is full of other options. So to help you write distraction-free, WordPress has come up with the distraction-free writing mode option in the new version.

In this option you will only get a distraction-free interface, there you will see everything except the cursor. If you move the cursor a little you will see a small toolbar with some buttons.

Yes, you may think that you have lost the option to edit because you can't see the sidebar, but now you can edit the text from this option. However, most good writers say that it is better not to edit while writing. Because it spoils the style of good writing.

Turn off multi-tab browsing to write more attentively. When you are writing a blog post while you are online, other online activities take a lot of time. This is creating a break between writing.

You are constantly checking social networking sites, which is causing serious damage to your writing. So, it is much better if you keep the internet connection off while writing.

If you need to watch your tutorial post while writing in such a situation, you have to find a way other than the internet. This step will keep you away from internet usage.

In that case, you can use the Controlled Multi-Tab Browsing Chrome extension. Those who use Firefox can use the Windows and Tab Limiter add-on.

As soon as you sit down to write, decide how many tabs you will need to write. Then just open so.

You can set the time for smooth writing. When you set a time for a task, it will act as extra motivation. You will then be able to finish the job on time.

Because, if you set the time for writing, then you will only do the work of writing. On the other hand, the focus will be less.

Suppose you set aside 25 minutes for a text. At this point, you can start another article with a break for the next 5 minutes. In this case, the Focus Booster Timer software can help you. There are both online and offline versions.
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