Laptop battery dead? - Find out how to fix it!

Repair Dead Laptop Battery

I've used a lot of electronic devices in my life, of course, you have, but the worst battery life of portable devices is laptop batteries. I have seen that no matter how expensive a laptop you buy, after a few months your battery slowly starts to run low. Most batteries are based on lithium-ion technology, so laptop batteries start to die after just a few recharge cycles.

There are many ways to keep a good battery in a Windows 10 computer, there are even some tricks to keep the battery good - but once the battery is completely dead, no tricks will work. But is there any way to revive a completely dead battery? Although there is no guarantee that today's shared methods will work 100%, it is worth a try.

Freeze your battery

I know, it sounds weird, but it has a scientific explanation. If your battery is made of NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) or NiCd (Nickel-Cadmium), put it in the fridge and freeze your battery to freeze the electrolytes inside the battery and maybe start recharging the cycle again. This process will slow down the movement of the electrons inside the battery, adding more electrons to it to help increase the flow, so that the battery can start working again.

But if your laptop battery is new, I would never recommend it if it is the latest lithium technology battery. Also, if your laptop battery is very old and there is any leakage in the battery, it should not be done.

So to do this, first disconnect your laptop from the wall socket, then remove the battery from the laptop. And yes, if your laptop battery is non-removable, you may need to open the laptop which requires manual viewing or a little technical knowledge, so keep this in mind, and yes, opening the laptop will not work but the warranty will work. However, after opening the battery, put it in a cloth bag, then put the cloth bag in another sealed polythene or a plastic bag, then keep the battery in the freezer for about 10 hours.

After 10 hours, take the battery out of the freezer and wait until the battery reaches your room temperature, then plug it into the computer to see if it is working. If the battery returns to good condition, then your luck is very good! If the battery is not fixed then you can try the following ways.

Keep the computer cool

Your laptop battery may not be completely dead yet, but it is slowly dying - in which case keeping your computer cool can extend battery life. If your laptop is a very old model, then there is no doubt that your laptop can be hot enough to boil eggs. The biggest problem with lithium-ion batteries is that they can't withstand the heat, and the hotter the device, the shorter the laptop battery life.

To solve this problem you can use a laptop cooler fan. You can buy a good quality laptop cooler from any local shop or online for just a few hundred rupees, and using it can bring back some new life in the batteries that are on the way to death.


This is the best way to start any dead or dead lithium-ion battery jump, but be careful if the battery is overcharged it may burst and explode, so you need to wear safety glass during this process. And yes, lithium-ion batteries are dead if left on for long periods, so it's best to turn the laptop on and off for at least two days in a row.

This method really works, especially the batteries that have been completely eliminated start working again, but as I said before, some precautions must be taken. First remove the battery from the laptop, if it is removable, then mark its (+) and (-) part. Now take a pair of wires and lightly lift the insulators on both ends of the wire. Now connect one end of the cable to the laptop charger pin and the other end to the battery (+) and (-). And leave it like this for a couple of hours, put the battery in the laptop after the diameter and see if the backup has started.

Unplug after a certain amount of charge

This method may sound strange, but it is the best way to increase battery life. If the laptop battery charge is 75% -75%, unplug the charger and then plug in again when the battery charge is 10% -5%, believe me, it will increase your battery life a lot, because it will not burn the lithium battery full recharge cycle.

This method is a bit of a hassle because you have to work over and over again, but this is the best idea to save the battery on the way to death!

If you take good care of the battery in advance, it may not reach the stage of battery dead and you do not have to jump start. Use a good cooler, unplug by charging up to 75%, the laptop can not be heated, the diameter will increase your battery life a lot. Also, comment on any of your separate questions.
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