How To Make Money From Google AdSense: Beginner Guide

Make Money From Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the most popular ways to make money on the Internet. Google AdSense is actually a medium for showing content based ads where publishers can earn money by showing ads alongside their content.

In this case, the content can be website/blog, youtube video, own video-based website, games, etc. For example, you can earn money by showing ads on your website, blog, computer or mobile games, YouTube videos, etc. Although there are many more similar advertising agencies that help to make money in the same way but for many reasons Google AdSense is always the best. But to get good results from Google Adsense you must know about it in a good way. Because Google AdSense is the smartest advertising company. This company does not want any harm to the advertisers. So if you forget you may lose your account forever. Moreover, there is no such thing as a second life.

How Google AdSense works:

Google AdSense starts with Google AdWords. Advertisers usually come to Google AdWords and publish their ads. In this case, they choose some keywords or placement where they want to show ads. As a result, their ads can be seen only in certain places. At the same time, the people of a country will be able to see the advertisements, how much they will spend on each advertisement, etc. Google then shows the ads along with the content of AdSense publishers based on those specific settings.

There is no direct communication between Google AdWords and Google AdSense publishers. This matter is said only to give an idea. When the work of the advertiser is completed in Google AdWords, the work of Google AdSense publishers begins. Although fully automatic. That means you don't have to do much after the first setup.

If you have an AdSense account to display ads on your website or blog, then your job is to place the Google AdSense Ads Code on your website or blog. But in this case, one thing is to put the code in the best place of the website or blog. And in the case of YouTube, you just need to turn on monetization in your channel. Then Google will do the rest. That is, they will show the ad to anyone who needs to show it. Each person may show different ads. Again the same people may show the same ad or different ads. Everything will be done automatically according to the AdSense system.

How to make money with Google AdSense:

Many people jump to get an AdSense account as soon as they know how to make money from Google AdSense. Which is the biggest mistake? If you just say wrong, it will be wrong. Because AdSense is designed in such a way that properly optimized (optimized) website/blog/video can earn good money. Otherwise, the income house will always be empty. And there is not much chance of corruption here. So start planning without jumping right away. 

First, choose which system you want to work on. From website / blog / video / games etc. Now set a topic on that system. That is the topic. Like making this blog about all the topics on a freelance or online income. Now create a platform with good content on that topic. If it is a website, complete the website. If you are blogging, keep posting enough on that topic. And if it is a video website, fill the website with good videos. With a few clicks, your website may not be fully accessible. And if it's YouTube, check out the "Make Money on YouTube" post. When all is done, apply to AdSense. If your website/blog/video is made according to all the rules and all the conditions, then you will get AdSense. Remember it is like a golden deer. There is no benefit in not doing everything properly.

How to make money from AdSense:

Many people know that the revenue from Google AdSense (Google AdSense) is on the click. In fact, this information is as wrong as it is accurate. It is right to click on it, but it is wrong to pay you if you click.

Google AdSense usually has four types of payment systems. These are-

  • CPC (Cost Per Click), 
  • CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impression), 
  • CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), and 
  • CPE (Cost Per Engagement).

CPC (Cost Per Click):
Although the name seems to pay per click, in fact, it is wrong. It also depends on what the visitor is doing after every click here. This means that if the visitor returns by clicking or does not go around the specified page (visit another page) then the publisher will not get any money for this click. However, if the visitor visits the website, clicks on various links of the website, or reads the post on the page, it will be considered as a correct click and the publisher will get full payment for it.

CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impression):

In this case, the type of payment is a little different. If you don't click on the ad later, you'll still get paid. This means that if a visitor sees the ads displayed on your website, you will still get the money set by the advertiser. However, this money is allocated for every 1000 visitors. This means that if visitors see the ad every one thousand times, you will get income for it.

CPA (Cost Per Acquisition):

In this case, after clicking on the visitor ad, you will receive payment only after completing certain tasks. Such as signing up, completing product trials, submitting email addresses, completing surveys, etc.

CPE (Cost Per Engagement):

In this case, the visitor may have to complete an action. For example, you may have to expand the ad (a lot of the time the mouse is placed on the ad countdown starts and 2 or 3 seconds after the video or games are meant to be the same), a video must be watched, etc. This type of advertising is usually shown more in games, applications, mobile games, etc. However, sometimes it is also shown on the website.

How much money can be earned?

This is probably the worst question. This question is searched for AdSense related most times every day though. But there is no answer. Because every website is different. Combining type, content, etc. Again, the amount of visitors to each website is also different. So all in all the answer to this question will be different. Because how many dollars will be paid for an advertisement, what a visitor has done by clicking or when an advertisement has been shown on a website etc. are all matched. So if you can differentiate your own income with the income of others, you must be caught. Whether it's matching the number of visitors and clicking on it. Differences will come.

I hope you have answered all the common questions about Google AdSense. If you still have any questions, you can comment here. Every effort will be made to explain. Also, stay tuned to see regular posts about AdSense.
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