What will iPhone 12 cost?

iPhone 12 price
iPhone 12 price

Apple lovers are always waiting for the new iPhone included with new features and designs. However, many are worried about the price. News of the arrival of the new iPhone has already started rumors about its price. Although the new iPhone is expected to arrive a bit late in the Corona situation, speculation about the price has not stopped.

It is expected that the iPhone 12 model will cost 50 US dollars more than the iPhone 11.

Market analyst Jeff Pu says the charger or airpod will not be available with the new iPhone box this time. Apple will keep the new iPhone at an extra price due to the 5-G facility and the LED screen. For weeks, various technology websites have been publishing information about Apple's new iPhone. Most reports indicate that the iPhone does not have a charger. A recent analysis and Apple's recent customer survey also hinted at that.

According to the technology website Macriumer, Apple's new 5.4-inch iPhone 12 model could be priced at 749, which is 50 more than the iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 model used an LCD screen. However, Apple used the Pro model LED. Analyst Pu thinks that the new iPhone 5-G will be acceptable due to its benefits even if the price goes up.

The 8.1-inch iPhone 12 model could be priced at 7 799 or 9 849, according to Macriumer. Apple may charge 150 dollars more than the iPhone 11 model.

There is no word on whether Apple's iPhone 12 Pro or Pro Max models will go up in price due to the 5-G feature. The company may bring a new iPhone this autumn. It's not over yet. However, due to the COVID situation, the new iPhone may be a bit late to come into the market.
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