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Learn about "Google AdSense Approval" - Unknown questions and answers

Here are some questions for getting Google AdSense Non-Hosted Account Approve?

What is the minimum number of articles before application?

30-40-50 is better. The more the merrier.

What else to add besides Us, Contact, Privacy Policy? Or is it better to have?

About Us, Contact, Privacy Policy & DMCA Besides, make sure that no category is left blank. Put a minimum of 5-6 hours of content in each category. Then it is better.

Is it possible to take advantage of Google Non-Hosted Account through banner ads on Google with Google AdWords? Or what is the priority for AdSense Approve?

There is no added benefit to AdSense Approval for any ad with Google AdWords. Google has no such policy. 

Is it possible to get Approve if Content Image is used with Google Search? Or should I publish Unique Image and Unique Article?

A unique Image is the best. However, never take a copyrighted image from Google, change the title and size of any image. No problem.

How many Word articles would be good?

Answer 5 It is better if each article is 400-500 words. The more the better.

What checklists do you think need to be created before applying to Google AdSense?

Before applying to Google AdSense, you must create some Check List.
  • Check if all the posts on the site are 80-90% unique and within Google policy.
  • Check all the important pages of the site.
  • Whether the site's posts are properly indexed at 40-50, see Webmaster Tools
  • Check whether the design of the site is user friendly and SEO friendly.
  • You must keep all the necessary things in the navigation and layout in white.
  • If you rank at the top of some organic keywords in the search engine, the extra pie can be found.
(Although Content is BIG King) If you check all these things properly and apply them with a site that lasts for 50-60 days, it is possible to get approval at the first chance of 100% sure. Thanks

What effect does Alexa rank have on Non-Hosted AdSense?

No, it does not affect.

Brother, if the articles are spinned and Google's CopyScape premium is passed, will it give AdSense?
In this way, many have tried, but no one has found it. Unique articles are easily available. If you are thinking of spinning the article, it will not happen, brother.

If the domain name is a word, will there be a problem?

No problem. However, I would suggest choosing a domain name by targeting Keywords. That would be better.

Will there be any problem with publishing the image from Google with a unique article?

Don't take copyrighted/protected images from Google. And even if you take a Google image, you will change the title and size of the image. Hopefully, there won't be any problems.

There are 40-50 unique articles on the site, but can you get AdSense with a site that has very few visitors?

Google wants good quality content. Visitor No Fact Top Level Domain, About, Contact, Privacy & DMCA page will get approval if it is correct.

Which niche is more approved for non-hosted from Bangladesh? Any Suggestion to start a new blog for a quick approval. I mean which niche gets approval easily?

Most of the time I get more approval with this type of site Smartphone review, Education Result & Technology.

Can I use the subdomain for Google AdSense?

Yes. But first, you must approve with the top-level domain, then you can use AdSense in the subdomain.

Will AdSense be approved on the Troll site? What does the content look like?

If this topic does not violate Google's policy, you can approve it with 40-50 good quality posts. I would always suggest a product base or an informative website. For example, Smartphone review, Gadgets Review, Technology tips, Health tips.

What is the minimum number of words required for a website article?

400-500 words are better. Otherwise, it may show insufficient content.

Is it possible to get approval for any site other than a blog? Such as answering questions, how, etc.
If the authority of such a site is of good quality + Alexa Rank should be below 1 lakh. Minimum 5-6 months to do SEO. Then there is a chance of power.

How about a "Blogspot tutorial"? Get it?

AdSense is easily approved with web design, SEO, graphic tutorial, or technology tips site.

Would it be better if I add a top domain to blogspot.com? Or will I buy a hosting and add a domain?

It would be better to create a site in WordPress with hosting. You will get more benefits in SEO.

If all the visitors to my site come from Facebook, will they give AdSense?

Google will give AdSense even if there are no visitors if the site is built according to all the laws. The demand for visitors from Google search engine is more than the demand for visitors on Facebook. So, more emphasis should be placed on SEO.

What's the difference between hosted and non-hosted AdSense?

The main difference between Hosted AdSense & Non-Hosted AdSense is ... Hosted can only be used on Google's site YouTube & Blogger. However, I have heard that Hosted AdSense obtained after 2014 is a problem to show ads on Blogger. Non-Hosted AdSense Maximum 500 Website can be used on your site. Revenue sharing is the same as 68%.

How to get Hosted Account and Non-Hosted Account?

You will get Hosted Account with YouTube and Non-Hosted Account with your website.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Hosted Account and Non-Hosted Account?

How old is the site to get AdSense? How many posts and what kind of SEO do you need?

Google's main condition is to build a site with high-quality good quality content and 1 top-level domain. Then you must publish 40-50 unique articles on the site in 40-50 days. On the site About, Privacy, contact us & DMCA pages need to be published properly. All posts on the site must be submitted to Google Webmaster. Then do light thin social media marketing. Then if the site is 50-60 days, apply Google AdSense. It won't take long for AdSense to be approved.

I have 15/20 articles on my site. There are about pages, contact pages, privacy policy pages. The age of the site is about 1 year. Can I apply for AdSense now or what else do I need to do to get AdSense?
Apply can be done with any site. But not all sites will be approved. It is better to follow Google policy and post 30 more posts on the site. Then apply.

What is the difference between AdSense from Hubpage and AdSense from your website?

Getting it from your site is not the same thing as getting it from a third party. They will deduct some% commission from your account.

After getting AdSense approval, if I promote my site's banner or any other site related niche's CPA or any other product, will there be any problem with AdSense?

If there is anything in promotion / CPA that violates Google policy, then it is better not to use it. However, Amazon & AdSense can be used on the same site. No problem.

Can I create a subdomain of my site and use AdSense?

If you have running AdSense taken with a top-level domain. New AdSense cannot be found with subdomains.

I have a YouTube AdSense account. Can I apply AdSense for a non-hosted site? In this case, what is the problem to wear?

Yes, you can. Troublesome work. However, it is much easier to take a new one.

YouTube and website for 2 hours will show together. Or look different?

You can see all the reports separately.

Is it possible to use the current YouTube AdSense in Blogger?

I haven't used ads on any Blogspot since 2012. It was in the previous account of 2014. Now many people say that they do not show ads on Blogspot. Try with 40-50 good quality posts. Maybe not again.

If I already have an AdSense account, can my younger brother apply for another account if the home address is the same?

You will easily get approval with a different site, different computer IP, different address, and different Payee Name. Hope there will be no trouble.
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