How to Start a Blog in 2020 and Make Money?

How to Start A Blog In 2020 to make money online?

How to start a blog
How to start a blog

Do you think about how to Start a blog? Right?

Now, I will reveal to you how to Start a blog without any preparation.

When I was Starting, that time, I had no clue about where to Start, what facilitating would it be advisable for me to pick, even How to introduce WordPress?

In a few cases, presently following a few years in blogging, I know well indeed. This is the reason I have made this total manual to help different learners who don't have any thought, how to Start a blog?

There are numerous means that each blogger must when they like to Start a blog, and we will discuss every one of them in subtleties in this guide.

Starting a blog is simple, yet overseeing and getting a great position in SERPs is exceptionally extreme.

However, before you ought to comprehend what is blogging and a blog?

A blog is where you can get refreshed data as articles about the theme that the blog concentrated on.

For instance, you can visit SymplineTech. Here you can get all data about Blogging, WordPress, Computer tips and things identified with blogging.

Moreover, A blog that centers around cell phones, so there you can get all the updates about the new cell phones to dispatch and the new up and coming highlights.

Organizations use online journals to refresh their clients about their items and up and coming highlights and so on., and they likewise control their clients about how to utilize their items.

They distribute tips and instructional exercises about their items, how to utilize, what things to stay away from and so on.

In progressively straightforward words, you can say a blog is where you can get information about the subject that the blog concentrated on.

A Blog is a mechanism of sharing information and instruct others about the aptitudes you are master in.

The primary thought process behind Starting a blog should represent sharing information, and the best thing is you can bring in cash too simultaneously.

If you are going to Start a blog only for acquiring cash since you've seen other bloggers' pay reports and they are winning enormous cash from their blog, along these lines, you likewise need to get a similar salary consistently, that is the reason you are Starting your blog.

At that point, you ought not to push forward because a blog should represent sharing information first, at that point it very well may be a wellspring of cash. You will be fizzled on the grounds that you just need to acquire.

In Short, make your blog a power blog first then the cash will be coming to you naturally.

Presently we come to talk something about Blogging?

You may come to understand what blogging is, by the significance of the blog.

Yet at the same time, I would prefer not to let you miss anything. Whatever you do with your blog, called Blogging. It tends to compose and to distribute posts, answering remarks, and so forth.

Blogging gives you a simple method to keep your clients refreshed about your items or specialty with the assistance of a blog, and it encourages you to tell them about new arrangements, data, and highlights. The more a client goes to your blog, the almost certain they are to go through cash.

Blogging encourages you to impart your insight into other people. People utilize a blog for imparting their abilities and helping individuals to their articles, which are otherwise called blog entries.

For Example,

There is a man who adores cooking. He generally shows his loved ones his new dishes and plans. One day he came to think about Blogging, and he chooses to make a blog about cooking where he will expound on the dishes he cooks.

In this way, he Starts composing plans about new dishes that he cooks each day or week. With the assistance of his blog, he is offering his aptitude to other people and helping them to be a specialist in cooking.

I was perusing well known online journals since I was in the tenth class. I love blogging on the grounds that it gives me the opportunity to carry on with my life in my manner. A blogger's life is a supervisor free life, and this is what I was scanning for quite a while back.

I was perusing numerous well-known web journals to pick up Blogging, SEO, Affiliate advertising, and approaches to bring in cash on the web. What's more, when I start my blog at that time my specialty was clear since I have snatched information about and I was enthusiastic as well.

There is another primary point of Starting a blog about blogging and bring in cash on the web. The point is to make Indians mindful that one can bring in cash on the web, without going anyplace.


I had felt this by and by in the previous scarcely a few years back when I began my blog and educated my dad and family concerning this, they didn't trust me. In a few cases, after certain months, when I began getting limited quantities from my blog, they began confiding in me.

I need to change individuals' reasoning. They believe that bringing in cash online consistently a trick however it isn't totally obvious.

Presently you realize what is a blog and blogging are. You have the essential information that you have to Start a blog.

Presently it's an ideal opportunity to pick your blog's Niche.


Pick Your Blog's Niche

You have chosen to Start a blog and need to be an effective blogger, Right?

Be that as it may, do you have a specialty for your blog?

Prior to THIS, how about we see what a blog's NICHE is?

A NICHE is a point you will compose all your substance about on your blog.

Specialty is a theme which you will cover on your blog. This will clarify and simple for other people and internet searchers also, to recognize what your blog is about?

You may have chosen your specialty as of now, and perhaps you have an expertise you are acceptable in and need to have the equivalent with others to support them.

The equivalent was with me when I wanted to Start my blog a few years back.


I had chosen for which I was enthusiastic about.

I need to carry on with a manager free life consistently, 9 am to 6 pm plan sometimes falls short for me. I needed to work for myself, So, for satisfying this fantasy, I Start seeking after administration considers.

However, at some point, I came to realize that individuals can bring in cash online through blogging and different ways. It pulled in me, and when I discussed the equivalent with anybody, they never trusted me.

At that point I concluded that I should show individuals how they can bring in cash on the web, and which I was energetic about as well.

Here are a few instances of specialty which will give you a reasonable thought regarding the different specialties individuals blog about.

  • Blogging
  • Spirituality
  • Health and Fitness
  • Gossip
  • Cooking
  • Sports
  • Relationship

I have gotten information and begun my blog to help other people to Start their blog and bring in cash from that. I am sharing the answers to issues I am getting every day with my blog.

Helping individuals to deal with their blog. Sharing approaches to cause online, which can assist them with living a manager free life. 

How to Choose A Blog Niche?

Make a point to pick your blog's NICHE cautiously, supposing that you flopped in picking a specialty you're enthusiastic about or what you love to do, at that point you won't have the option to deal with your blog for quite a while.

You will Start in the underlying days, however after certain weeks or months, you will be exhausted with your work. This will drive you to stop blogging.

Here are the tips which will help you in picking your specialty.

Know Your Passion

Try to discover which point you are keen on; somebody jumps at the chance to play portable games. Thus, He can Start a blog about games.

Also, another model, somebody like voyaging so he can Start a blog to share his experience when he visits wherever.

Pick a pen and paper and record the response to these inquiries recorded beneath, this will assist you with identifying your enthusiasm:

  • What are your leisure activities?
  • What things do you like and appreciate doing?
  • How do you invest your free energy?
  • What are your preferred subjects to discuss?
  • When you were youthful, what was a good time for you?
  • What points do you know more than generally about?
  • Are there explicit classes that you have taken widely?

Pick A Profitable Niche

I have seen a few specialties which get huge amounts of the month to month look, however when I discover how productive they are? I discovered there is zero chance of winning.

Who wouldn't happy to make money from their blog? 

Everybody does. Free SMS, Free backdrop, WhatsApp tips, WhatsApp Status, are a portion of the specialties which have a gigantic month to month traffic. However don't have procuring potential.

What's more, then again, Insurance, Health and wellness and bring in cash online are a portion of the specialties which can possibly win a high pay.

Along these lines, pick a specialty that you are energetic about, and it should be productive too.

Less Competitive

Competition matters a ton it in every case, extremely difficult to get accomplishment in a profoundly serious field.

Then again, if you are in a field that has less rivalry, at that point it will be simple for you to outrank them and get achievement quickly.

Picking a specialty with less rivalry can make it simple for you to be effective in blogging Specialty That Has Long Life.

Have you ever tune in about Event Blogging?

Occasion blogging is the place a blog made for an occasion or day (it tends to be any celebration). Occasion blogging represents a brief period yet can possibly bring in tremendous cash.

If you are not kidding about blogging and need to set up as a well-known blogger at that point must pick a specialty which has a long life.

On the off chance that we talk about the salary, an Event blog can procure for you for certain months, however a settled, authority blog will acquire for you long lasting.

Make a point to follow every one of these focuses cautiously to choose your blog's specialty since it will decide the fate of your blog.

I have seen individuals start a blog, and following half a month or months, after composing a couple of posts, they quit composing and dealing with their blog.


Since this isn't what they love to do, they are getting exhausted recorded as a hard copy content since this isn't what they are enthusiastic about.

Presently you are prepared with your NICHE.

You should pick the blogging platform you ought to decide for your blog. 

Blogging Platform to Choose

There are many free and paid blogging stages accessible in the market, yet bloggers for the most part utilize not many of them. Let me share those platforms with you.

Blogger. com

As a beginner, this is the best choice for you, that is the reason I am sharing it first.

Blogger is the most popular for the free blogging platform, YES! You read that right. is a blog-distributing administration that permits multi-client web journals with time-stepped sections. It created by Pyra Labs, which was purchased by Google in 2003. The online journals are facilitated by google at a subdomain of

Blogger is a Google item, so here is no compelling reason to reveal how dependable it is. Blogger can permit you to run a blog for nothing. However, you must buy a custom space since Google gives its area your blog name.

Like, your blog name is ABC at that point, your URL will be, and it isn't acceptable on the off chance that you need to blog expertly.

You can buy a custom space for your blog, which will give your blog a custom and short location like

I am sure you effectively mindful of this is the no.1 decision for those who need to start a blog. is the most well-known site creation platform. It has numerous highlights which make it extraordinary and valuable.

It is a downloadable platform. You have to buy a facilitating record and area to have your WordPress blog. You have to look on google rundown of Free facilitating suppliers and best paid facilitating suppliers you can use to buy a free or paid facilitating account.

Its principle include is, its Plugins, WordPress has modules for each assignment, which makes that task simple, modules causes you to deal with your blog without knowing to code. That is the inspiration behind why it is the most well known and most choosable platform.

WordPress. com

What are you thinking? Have I talked about it previously?
No, you are incorrect here. Go up and look at once more, it was and it is, both are extraordinary.

WordPress. com is a free platform for starting a blog. Which implies you don't have to buy facilitating for this. In, you should need to purchase facilitating and space.

WordPress. com is not a free platform, yet you can utilize it for nothing with specific confinements. You can check it's estimating here.

Yet, similar to, you have to buy an area for your blog else it will look like

These three are the most utilized platform for blogging, and I will propose you start with on the off chance that you are not kidding about blogging and need to make your blog a power blog.

It will assist you in knowing even more significantly how everything works? It would be best if you bought a facilitating and area which will cost you around 20-30 USD.

If you don't have the cash right currently to go with can start with Blogger. com, it won't cost an even single dollar.
Afterward, on the off chance that you need to move from Blogger. com to WordPress self-facilitated platform; at that point, you can do it without much of a stretch.

There are numerous different platforms additionally accessible, yet they are not excessively valuable. I have shared probably the most well-known blogging platform which everybody utilizes for their blog.

Start with WordPress

I energetically prescribe you to pick WordPress, which is an open-source to start your blog.
For Installing WordPress, you should buy a space and a facilitating account. Without these two things, you can't introduce WordPress.
I realize you probably won't have the cash to buy facilitating and space to set up a WordPress blog.
Be that as it may, trust me on the off chance that you need to start a blog and need to be a fruitful blogger at that point must go with WordPress.

Wondering? Why pay if I can start for nothing?

I was additionally thinking a similar when wanting to start my blog, yet I paused and organized cash to buy facilitating and space.

Since I knew Why WordPress as it were?

Here is the examination which can assist you in knowing why WordPress is better?

Experts of

  • It is free and effortless to utilize.
  • You own your information by making the database, and you can rapidly move to another platform or Hosting. It is effortless to move since you have full authority over your site/blog.
  • Plugins are the core of WordPress, and There are vast amounts of modules accessible for Some are free, and some are paid.
  • You can pick Themes and redo them as indicated by your need. Subjects are additionally free and paid.
  • You can make an enrollment site and sell your item or substance.

Cons of

  • WordPress is free. However, it required space and facilitating for which we need to pay approx. $5 consistently.

Masters of

  • Blogger is easy to utilize and alter. It has a clear interface, and this is simple for new bloggers to utilize.
  • Blogger is an entirely free platform, and it isn't required any charge for facilitating and different things. You can run your blog without spending a solitary penny on your blog.
  • You can likewise run your blog live without buying a space because blogging giving free areas like and you can likewise transform it into your custom space.
  • While restricted, there are possibilities for customizing your blog.

Cons of Blogger. com

  • Blogger is the free platform, so it has not many topics to look over.
  • It doesn't permit you to redo as you need, you can't do much with it past making and distributing content.
  • Options for tweaking online journal's appearance is constrained.
  • You don't completely "own" your substance since everything is sitting on Google's servers (however, you can send out your substance if necessary).

I figure I don't have to help you more in picking a platform. It ought to be clear in your psyche, which should you pick.

This guide is excessively long, yet I am sure this is the ONLY guide you have to start a blog. It will help you with the essentials of blogging to the progress of blogging.

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