Google will not keep data for more than 18 months

Google will not keep data for more than 18 months
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Google will no longer store the full details of each search for new users. Google recently reported this information. The company's chief executive officer Sundar Pichai announced on Wednesday that it would automatically delete new users' stored records on the web and app after 18 months. Previously, this information stored by default. Google authorities argued that these records would be used to improve personal services for their specific users.

Google's rival Apple has recently started giving more importance to the issue of privacy. According to a report in The Guardian, Google is working hard to bring privacy issues to increase competition with Apple.

Google users who now store location history or location information on Google will also have a storage period of up to 18 months, and then It will be deleted automatically.

"When we design our products, we focus on three things," said Pichai. Protect your information, hold it accountable, and control your data. However, automatic deletion will not apply to Gmail and Google Photos. These services designed to store personal information.

Google first introduced the 'auto-delete' option last year. It does not allow privacy-conscious users to store information on the web for more than a year, even after a quick service. For the 1.5 billion people around the world who have Google Accounts, they need to change the settings automatically. Google has sent e-mails to many regarding the 'privacy test' and is still doing so. It asks if the user wants to save information.

Google is under pressure as a result of competition with Apple over privacy issues. Apple has chosen a path that allows them to rely less on user information. At Apple's annual developer conference last Monday, Apple introduced a new feature, a built-in translation app that will work offline. Apple has given the most important to their new software in privacy. Apple will now allow users to pinpoint the exact location rather than the precise location. In the App Store, users will see a summary of their privacy information before downloading the app. App developers will report on their privacy practices. On the other hand, Google promises not to save data through its auto-delete feature.

"We've been doing this for a long time," said David Monsys, a Google executive. We know that information is useful for our products and services. Our only purpose is to keep the data for a long time to use for various purposes. '
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